furrhouse by r&m

About Us

Furrhouse was inspired by a rescued friendly poodle-mix named Bo. Bo’s photo was posted on a local shelter’s facebook page looking for adoption pawents. On top of his photo read: male poodle, wights 20 lbs, friendly, hold date 10/03. This terrifying five-day hold date meant that if he was not adopted within five days, he would be euthanized.

He was adopted and now living his best life in the Bay Area!

But — just like Bo had an adoption hold-date so do millions of other animals. “Each year approximately 1.5 million shelter animals full of life are euthanized in the Unites States” (ASPCA, 2018). 

Our goal is to lower these statistics by donating 10 percent of all profit sales to local shelters in hopes to save animals in need and promote adoptions.

We want to make a difference! We want to be their voice! We want to help them find loving furrever homes!

Join our movement and help us save lives.